Nicole and Andy- Married Tendenza Philadelphia, PA

Ever since I have known Nicole and her family (which is about 15 years), they have always had great style and this wedding was no different. Everything from Nicole’s dress, the flowers, the ceremony and reception locations, as well as the décor was perfection. There were so many amazing things about this day that I could go on and on, but I loved everything that Nicole and Andy chose to celebrate their day. Nicole has a smile that lights up the room, and she didn’t stop smiling all day. I love when a couple just has an amazing time on their wedding day and enjoys every moment of the day. We started off the day in Old City Philadelphia where we did their first look and some bridal party pictures, and then went to the ceremony which was held at Christ Church in Philadelphia which was founded in 1695. There is something about having a wedding in an old beautiful church that you can’t get elsewhere or put into words. One of my favorite photos of the day was as Nicole was heading down the aisle, the look on Andy’s face was of pure happiness. That moment inside of that gorgeous church was like something from a movie. The reception was held at Tendenza in Northern Liberties, and it was such a great venue. The staff at Tendenza was some of the best I have ever seen, because I love how well they took care of the bride and groom. I am so glad that Nicole and Andy chose us to be their wedding photographers. There are a lot of images in this blog post because I have so many favorites and I hope that you love every image!


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