Kristen and Mike – Ballroom at the Ben Philadelphia, PA

At one point during this wedding Austin said to Mike and Kristen “I think we have been shooting your wedding for a week”, because it seems like we have known them and spent so much more time with them than we actually have. It is amazing how well we get to know our couples from being at their wedding. We get to meet all their friends and family, and participate in the most important day of their lives. There was no better way to break up this winter we have been having than to shoot an amazing wedding with an awesome couple. We had two great locations because Kristen and Mike got dressed and did portraits at the Le Meridien in Philadelphia and had their reception at the Ballroom at the Ben. Kristen was a dream bride, not only because she is beautiful, but because she is so expressive, smily, and I don’t have a single photo of her that I don’t love. A bride that has fun on her wedding day is really the perfect bride. Mike and Kristen are so cute together.. but I don’t really even need to say anything more about them because these photos tell the story better…

Thanks for choosing us to be part of your amazing wedding day!

 photo 222_zps6ce99f4d.jpg

 photo 009_zpsf6078503.jpg

 photo perf_shoes_zps9a7d1981.jpg

 photo get_dressed_zps8bfac58f.jpg

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Carolyn Cataldi - February 15, 2014 - 3:32 PM

WOW, these pictures are amazing! Simply breathtaking! Such a beautiful wedding day for an awesome couple!

Stacey and Wes -Married Brigalias Sicklerville, NJ

There is something about the holidays that already has a magical feel, so when you add in a great wedding with a bit of a Christmas theme it only gets better. What you may remember about this couple is that when we did their engagement photos in April it was absolutely freezing outside in some off-season type cold weather. So, of course it would only make sense that on their wedding day just a few days before Christmas when you would expect it to be freezing was actually really nice outside with oddly warm weather. Even though the weather is inconsistent when these two get together with us.. one thing that was definitely consistent was Stacey and Wes, the true friendship that their relationship is built on, and how much fun they have together. I’m so excited to finally get to share these photos after getting through the holidays…. so… onto the good stuff…

 photo 376_zpsbb46017b.jpg

 photo 017_zps880bf99e.jpg

 photo 023_zps52612ab2.jpg

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 photo 705_zps1cd61b1d.jpg

 photo 330_zps781725e2.jpg

Dave Stephenson - January 31, 2014 - 5:45 AM

These pictures are amazing and I love them. I want to say it was great working with you two.

Beth and Aaron- Married -Liberty View Ballroom Philadelphia,PA

Austin and I met Beth and Aaron back in 2010 when Beth was a bridesmaid in Jenny and Mike’s wedding. Jenny and Mike’s wedding was one of our favorites we have ever shot just because of all their great friends, the excitement, and how much fun everyone had. So, getting the opportunity to shoot a wedding for one of those friends and see some familiar faces was very exciting for us. When you meet Beth, you already know that she is beautiful, but when she put on her dress and veil I was blown away. She was such a gorgeous bride! Before the first look I was so excited because I knew Aaron was going to feel the same way when he saw her, and he was looking quite dapper himself. Now, I love when a couple chooses to do a first look, and this was just one of those really special ones. Everyone at this wedding knew how special the connection was between these two. Beth’s dad even mentioned that Aaron sent Beth 8 gifts (one for each week) that he was gone on military duty before the wedding. Isn’t that just the sweetest love story? The wedding ceremony took place on the Navy Base in Philadelphia, and the reception was at the Liberty View Ballroom. I am so excited to get these photos up on the blog, and there are a lot of them…. Thank you Beth and Aaron for choosing us to capture your perfect day!


 photo details_zpsf9abc83e.jpg

 photo 047_zpsf211aaeb.jpg

 photo 091_zps65a310db.jpg

 photo dressed_zps1a0d1a14.jpg

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 photo bridalparty_zpsa62688f8.jpg

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 photo 368_zpsa8e0eadd.jpg

 photo closeup_zps22a251a6.jpg

 photo 442_zps543038ae.jpg

 photo ship_zps307b3271.jpg

 photo 438_zps707c8a65.jpg

 photo rec_details_zpsc5c37d2f.jpg

 photo 531_zpsd3ffc854.jpg

 photo 542_zps1845bb6f.jpg

 photo 552_zps019f20fa.jpg

 photo 557_zps423028e5.jpg

so good to see Jenny and Mike again!
 photo Jenny_Mike_zps8f8e73bb.jpg

 photo 760_zps3e12903c.jpg

 photo dancing_zpsde9e8e1c.jpg

 photo 452_zps082a29c8.jpg

 photo 814_zpsfeea9ea2.jpg

 photo 639_zps00364180.jpg

Regina and George – Married Windrift Avalon, NJ

The day that we met Regina and George we spent more time talking about the Jersey Shore than we did wedding photography. Regina and George share the same love for the shore as we do, so of course they chose to have their wedding celebration there. I love shooting at the beach, and we got lucky with that one day in November that was oddly warm outside. The weather was perfect for outdoor photos in November. Their wedding was at St. Johns Lutheran Church in Ocean City, NJ and the reception was held at the Windrift in Avalon, NJ. Austin and I actually went to the Windrift a few weeks in advance, you know…. because we had to make sure the drinks were good… These two were so great to shoot, and I am so glad they chose us to be their photographers… Now.. onto the good stuff..

 photo 148_zpsb8264e83.jpg

 photo details_zps8b701e5f.jpg

 photo 060_zps50c3fe16.jpg

 photo get-ready_zpsba2b4031.jpg

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 photo Regina_George_sky_zps134afae3.jpg

 photo rec_details_zpsd9d4bee7.jpg

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 photo 601_zpsb49824a2.jpg

 photo 624_zpsa96290cc.jpg

 photo 628_zps2ddcb857.jpg

 photo 372_zps38affc75.jpg

Kelsey and Marc- Married Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia at Pine Hill, NJ

The first time that I met Kelsey, Marc wasn’t able to attend our meeting but I knew right away that I wanted to photograph their wedding. The way that Kelsey talked about Marc, I could just feel how much she loved him and how excited she was to be getting married. I’m a sucker for a real life love story, and Kelsey and Marc are exactly that. So, needless to say I knew that when this wedding day arrived it would be perfect. I had a couple who was truly in love, a gorgeous bride, a handsome groom, a great venue, my favorite florist Savannahs Garden, and some perfect weather. What I didn’t know about was the great families and friends that I would be around. Kelsey’s parents were so much fun while the girls were getting ready, and I loved being surrounded by such great energy.

The ceremony was at Holy Angels Parish in Trenton, NJ and the reception was at Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia in Pine Hill, NJ. I made it pretty clear to Kelsey and Mark that I want to be invited as a guest to the next event in their families because they know how to have a good time. The dancefloor was packed, the lightsticks, hats and sunglasses were out, and they kept the party going all night. Congrats to you both! Austin and I are so lucky to have shared this day with you.


 photo dress_zps82b52aa5.jpg

 photo ring-words_zps8b7b1b1b.jpg

 photo 090_zpsf94fdc3e.jpg

 photo gift_zps1f2f2358.jpg

 photo 052_zps34f0b30e.jpg

 photo 084_zpsbcca7e41.jpg

 photo 110_zps2fe5e083.jpg

 photo 114_zpsf9e82f11.jpg

 photo flowergirl_zpsa02da8ae.jpg

 photo 174_zpsbb986a26.jpg

 photo bouquets_zpsa2cf63d4.jpg

 photo 163_zps99615e32.jpg

 photo 186_zps5f276e4e.jpg

 photo 247_zpsb5317a0f.jpg

 photo 266_zpsf3362825.jpg

 photo 233_zpse462afd6.jpg

 photo aisle_zpsd5a31d5f.jpg

 photo 314_zps23ce55e5.jpg

 photo 308_zps60ad2294.jpg

 photo 338_zps6f06faca.jpg

 photo trump_zps00874bf4.jpg

 photo 367_zps3a9e3219.jpg

 photo 392_zpsc33b2587.jpg

 photo 385_zpsfc203866.jpg

 photo flowers_zpsb88418f5.jpg

 photo 468_zps67a00477.jpg

 photo details_zps53777ce5.jpg

 photo 636_zps6fb37d92.jpg

 photo father_mother_zps2dadc488.jpg

 photo 561_zps29892ab3.jpg

 photo 455_zps24d13d44.jpg

 photo KelsMarc1_zps75548eb7.jpg

 photo 805_zps3b8eef6c.jpg

 photo dancing_zps18351ce4.jpg

 photo 425_zps1aa017e6.jpg